Post Op Liposuction

Liposuction Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. All areas treated by liposuction will be covered by a compression dressing which consists of an outer binder and internal foam sponges or absorbent pads. Drainage will seep out into the underlying pads and occasionally onto the outer compression garment as well the first night after surgery. Therefore, sleep or rest on an old blanket to avoid ruining good sheets or your furniture.
  2. The compression dressing and underlying pads can be removed the next day and one can shower. After showering, replace the outer compression binder or wrap. If there is still some drainage coming out the small incisions, then place an absorbent pad between the binder and your skin for an extra day. You should have been sent home with some extra absorbent pads in the event this is necessary.
  3. While showering may be done the next day when the compression dressings are removed, bathing should not be done until 3 weeks after surgery.
  4. Bruising and swelling are to be expected in the first few weeks after surgery. Once this has resolved, intermittent swelling of the treated areas may occur as one’s activity level increases over the next weeks to several months. This is common and will eventually resolve. The lymphatic channels of the areas that were suctioned are re-establishing themselves.
  5. Sutures are usually not used in the small incisions and are left open to heal on their own.
  6. Do not simply lay around the first few days after surgery. Periodically getting up and walking around is encouraged to improve circulation to your legs and helping you breathe deeper.
  7. If the legs, thighs, or knees have been treated, keep your legs elevated whenever sitting during the first postoperative week. This will help to decrease the amount of foot and ankle swelling.
  8. Drive when you feel comfortable and are off pain medication. This is usually within a week after surgery.
  9. Light massaging of the treated areas beginning several weeks after surgery is helpful in smoothing the skin and reducing soreness and swelling faster. Lymphatic drainage massages can be very helpful over the treated areas.
  10. You may return to normal physical activities and exercise within two to four weeks after surgery. This will depend upon how much and what body areas have been treated by liposuction. After exercise, the treated areas may temporarily swell until the next day. This will eventually subside.
  11. Because of the time it takes all swelling and bruising to go away for most liposuction-treated areas, one should not judge the final results for 2 to 3 months after surgery.