Post Op Lesion

Skin Lesion Removal Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. Most excisional skin lesions removed will be covered at the end of the procedure with glued on flesh-colored tapes. In some facial lesion removals, the sutures may be left open.
  2. In those facial sutures that are left open, apply a light layer of antibiotic ointment to them three times a day.
  3. One may shower and get the sutures or tapes wet the very next day.
  4. For those areas covered by tapes, there is no need for antibiotic ointment application.
  5. Sutures in the face and neck will be removed 7 days after surgery. Sutures in the scalp and body will be removed around 10 days after surgery.
  6. For those skin lesions removed by shaving or laser techniques, they will also be covered by tapes. These tapes are to stay on until they fall off. This gives the underlying skin time to heal. The tapes are just like scabs protecting the area until it is nearly completely healed.
  7. Skin lesion removals, whether by excision or shaving, should not be exposed to the sun excessively in the first few months after surgery. They are more sensitive and this could cause undesired scarring. Use a sunblock of at least 30 SPF (and both UVA and UVB) to protect them when out in the sun for any extended length of time.
  8. If your skin lesion has been sent to the laboratory for pathologic evaluation, it will take at least 10 days to get a final report. Either Dr. Eppley or the office will call you with the results when they become available.