Post Op Direct Neck

Direct Neck Lift Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. There will be brown or flesh-colored tapes that are glued on the midline neck incision (between the underside of the chin and the adam’s apple. These will be removed by Dr. Eppley at your first postoperative appointment one week after your surgery.
  2. If you are comfortable, it is alright to sleep and lie down being flat. This will not cause any increase in neck swelling.
  3. You may use ice or a frozen vegetable pack to the neck area for the first night after surgery if it makes the area feel more comfortable. There is no need to do this beyond the first night after surgery.
  4. Direct neck lifts do not get much swelling and just a little bruising which becomes evident down low in the sternal notch area.
  5. You may shower and shave (for men) the next day after surgery. Getting the tapes wet poses no increased infection risk.
  6. Your activity level should be what feels good. Do routine activities as tolerated. Avoid exercise, lifting, or straining to avoid increasing excessive blood flow to your neck during the first week after surgery. It is particularly important to avoid excessively bending you neck back or too far to the sides for a few weeks to avoid pulling too much on the incision line.
  7. The skin around the incision in the central neck area will be numb for several months after surgery. This is relevant when shaving as you can cut yourself without knowing it around the healing incision line.
  8. It is extremely important to avoid any type of nicotine products for the first 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Nicotine reduces the blood flow to the skin and may cause healing problems.
  9. You may begin driving the following day provided you are not taking significant pain medications.
  10. If your neck should get red or swollen, please call Dr. Eppley and have your pharmacy number ready.