Post Op Buccal

Buccal Lipectomy Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. Reduction of the buccal fat pads is not associated with pain and very minimal swelling. It would be typical to come out of surgery with the buccal (submalar) area looking about the same as before surgery. In some cases, bruising can develop but may not be seen until days later as a purple or yellowish discoloration along the sides of the mouth.
  2. There are no dressings used for buccal lipectomies. You may apply ice to the cheek area the first night after surgery if it makes the area feel more comfortable. It is not absolutely necessary however.
  3. Keep your head elevated the first night after surgery by sleeping on a couple of pillows or in a recliner.
  4. Small dissolvable sutures are used inside the mouth and they will go away on their own.
  5. You may eat and drink normally. The incision sites are above your upper back molar teeth and away from being affected by chewing.
  6. Brush and floss your teeth gently on the upper back molar teeth to prevent any soreness from developing in the incision sites for the first week after surgery.
  7. There are no restrictions on your physical activities other than avoiding bending over and straining for the first week after surgery.