Post Op Breast Aug

Breast Surgery Post-Op Recovery Instructions

  1. Most breast surgery patients will go home in a surgical bra. This is simply a soft elastic bra that opens in the front. This will be worn for 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. Thereafter, you may wear a bra of your choice as long as it is not an underwire (This may be worn 6 weeks after surgery). Occasionally, patients will go home without the need for bra support.
  2. Brown or flesh-colored tapes will be visible on your breast incisions. They will be removed during your first follow-up visit. leave them on as long as possible. Do not worry about getting them wet in the shower.
  3. In the breast reduction patient, a surgical drain will be placed for each breast. These will be removed within 1 to 2 days after surgery. Read the handout entitled ‘Drain Care’ for postoperative instructions concerning them. Breast augmentation and breast lift patients will not have drains.
  4. You may shower the next day after surgery. Bathing or hot tubs should not be done for 2 weeks after surgery. Do not worry about getting the tapes wet. They are there to protect your incisions.
  5. Never use hot wraps or heating pads on your breasts after surgery as the skin may be numb, and burns or blistering may occur easily.
  6. To aid in reducing breast soreness and swelling immediately after surgery, ice packs or small bags of frozen vegetables may be placed on the sides or underneath the breasts. These should be placed outside your bra and never directly on the skin to prevent the risk of frostbite.
  7. Breast augmentation patients with incisions in the underarms will have their incisions closed with dissolvable sutures. There is no need for gauze dressings or steri-strips. Shaving and deodorants may be used 10 days after surgery.
  8. Physical exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 1 month after surgery. However, arm range of motion exercises after breast augmentation should be started the evening of surgery as per the document entitled ‘Rapid Recovery after Breast Augmentation’.
  9. You may drive when you are reasonably comfortable and are off pain medication. The issue is simply one of safety, both to yourself and others while operating a car.
  10. If increased swelling, redness, or warmth develops in your breasts after the first week of surgery, please call Dr. Eppley and have your pharmacy number ready.