Plastic Surgery Conversations on Skype

Q: I am interested in receiving a jaw and chin augmentation. I live in Canada. I have a consultation scheduled with a local plastic surgeon in a week, however I see that Dr. Eppley is very experienced in the procedures I am interested in. My question is do your do consultations over the web? If so, I would like to schedule one. I would like to have the procedure done this summer.

A: The internet has enabled patients to access information from anywhere in the world. This is no less true in plastic surgery. Through the free internet service, Skype, phone or video discussions are easy to set up and do. While this video conversation method is not a replacement for having an actual consultation in a plastic surgeon’s office, it can be a great first step where you can actually talk directly to a plastic surgeon without leaving the comfort of your own home or city.

I have offered free Skype consultations for over a year and have interacted with people from all over the world. To take advantage of this opportunity, go to the Skype website, download the application and register under your name. Registration is free and takes but a few minutes.You will then need to add me to your contact list. My Skype contact name is dr.barry.eppley. Add my name to your contact list. I will get a message requesting me to add your contact to my list. Once I have done so, you will get a message confirming so. You can then send me a message describing what your plastic surgery needs are. We will then work out a convenient time to get together on Skype for an in-depth conversation.

Dr. Barry Eppley