Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 15 years old male teenager. I have a plagiocephaly flat head which wasn’t treated when I was a baby. I hate it so much especially in pictures as it makes my face looks lopsided. I can not go on with this face anymore as it is embarrassing. I don’t like going out because of it as I don’t like showing my flat side of my face. It is very horrible. There is not one single person that I know and that I have seen that has this type of plagiocephaly head. I need you guys to help please (:

A: While the effects of plagiocephaly are often most pronounced on the back of the head it often will have facial effects as well. Since plagiocephaly is really a twisting of the skull during development this can create numerous facial asymmetries as well. What is seen on the front of the face is often the mirror image of what is seen on the back of the head. This craniofacial condition is often more common that one would think. Because of your age under 18 years old) I can not communicate with you any further for treatment recommendations without parental consent.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana