Permalip Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in vermilion border advancement (lip advancement) in the sides/ corners of my upper and lower lips. I would also like to pair this with large permalip implants. I have several questions. Can these two procedures be done at the same time? What would the down time be? What is the cost? Finally, I am not looking for a “natural look”. I have had my lips quite full using injections for several years and like this look but do not enjoy the costly upkeep since they wear off in two to three months in my lips. I can pictures of my lips without injections and a photo of what I want to achieve to see if you think it is achievable using the Permalip implants and vermilion border advancement in the sides/ corners. Thanks! 

Permalip Implants Indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyA: Your description of the lip procedures you would need to achieve your goals is correct. It would be necessary to do an upper lip[ advancement but spare the central cupid’s bow area. Permalip implants could be placed at the same time as the lip advancements. As you might image there will be some considerable lip swelling that will take several weeks to subside but that is more of a social issue not a physical limiting one from a recovery standpoint.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana