PEEK Chin and Jaw Implant Removal and Replacements

Q: Dr. Eppley, Six months ago I had  a PEEK chin and jaw Implant (custom but not wrap-around. Pics of scan attached), while the jaw implants have added a good deal of width and strength, the area around my chin still fails to project enough and does not give the desired strength, thus I am considering a full wrap around implant. Incisions were made via external approach. 2x under jaw angles and one under chin. I prefered this approach due to reduced infection risk. My recovery period was also very easy…almost no swelling and pain.

Have you ever removed PEEK implants before? I believe that unlike Medpor they don’t allow tissue ingrowth so similarly to Silicone should be straightforward.

Are you able to insert a wrap around implant by external incisions only? 

If not, is a custom ‘extended’ chin implant a possibility. One which could almost meet my current jaw implants and could be inserted under the chin?

A: You are correct in that PEEK material does not get the degree of tissue adhesion that Medpor does. I have placed and removed PEEK implants before so I am familiar with their in situ handling properties.

You certainly could place a more complete jawline implant through your current incisions although be aware that it would not to be able to done keeping it as a one piece implant. Depending on its thicknesses it would need to be placed in either a two- or three-piece implant and assembled in situ.

It would also be possible to make an extended chin implant design to meet your current jaw angle implants. Although the arc and the rigidity of the material on that type of chin implant would still make it necessary to have it inserted in a two piece fashion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana