Pectus Excavatum Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had Pectus Excavatum implant surgery over twenty years decades and have had any problems with it and have been happy with the results. This past fall I got struck on my chest on the right edge of the implant. Quite quickly a bulge appeared but there was no skin break. I saw my doctor within a few days later and he drained the surface fluid. However fluid had formed under the implant. My doctor referred me to an interventional radiologist whom aspirated the fluid under the implant using ultrasound. The fluid returned. I have had 3 subsequent aspirations.I have had a CT scan. At this point what are my options. Can the implant be saved?

A: Thank you for you detailed description of your history and recent event in regards to your pectus excavatum implant. At the least your issue requires an open procedure to clean up the pocket, resterilize the implant and place a drain. While this is not a guarantee that the implant can be salvaged, this would be the best approach to try and do so. Because the implant has done so well over many years I would be optimistic that it can eb salvaged from this traumatic event.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana