Pectoral Implants Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had pectoral implants done last week. i wanted to run by you what is going on. Obviously I know I am recovering and I’m assuming full swelling will take time to heal. My doctor ended up using the the Implantech Powerflex anatomical pectoral implants of 271cc in volume. I think it is the 3rd largest in that category. I was wondering if you could examine my pictures I have attached in this email as I have a couple of concerns. 

Firstly I did request my surgeon to go quite large with the implants as I wanted them noticeable and on the bigger side. Gathering from the information I collected from online resources I assumed the anatomical implants are more suited to me. After having them in I currently do not like them. I always thought they would be placed differently to how they are now. I don’t know if its just me or if my surgeon has incorrectly used the wrong style and shape of implant. 

I feel like I have a huge DeNT in the middle of my chest and based on the pictures I find the look i really enjoy is the cleavage look and the square cut shape of the pectoral implant. I feel like a human Ken doll where the implants look like two big circles on my chest almost breast like. So I didn’t know if this is because the anatomical shape was chosen. I’m assuming i should have gone with a slightly flatter square shape. I am feeling quite  “booby” and the dip in the middle of my chest is bothering me. is there anyway of making the implants sit closer? or is that depending on my anatomy and genetics? 

If you were my surgeon, is there any way i can solve these concerns and can u comment on which implant i should have had. I am aware I am one week post op is too soon to comment but I feel i am already seeing the shape of the implant expeically in the middle of my chest where volume is lacking. I also thought the anatomical implants only sat on the lower two thirds of the pectorals. i feel like my ones sit quite high up under the collar bone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just know in my heart something is not right and I don’t feel like this represents a muscle in the event i was able to build it myself. I don’t mind the side view but when front on i feel like they are placed very wide apart and feel like two circles on my chest. 

The pictures I will send are from today and I will include pictures of the pectorals i like. Clearly they are models and I am not. 

To summarize id like to know if 

1 – my surgeon should have used a square cut implant to give me more medial augmentation and a square cut look

2- is it possible to close that gap in between my chest as it feels like a big dent 

3-  is the anatomical implant making me feel like i have breast like circles?

4- can my chest be made a similar style to the pectorals in the images shown? (obviously they are models and im not)

Thank you VERY much for taking your time to read this.

A: I am sorry to hear of your current dissatisfaction with pectoral implant surgery results. It is not professionally appropriate nor will I comment on what surgeon should or should not have done. Those discussions are between you and your surgeon whom you have entrusted to do the procedure.

Implantech Powerflex Pectoral Implant Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisImplantech Powerflex II Pectoral Implants Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisWhat I can do is provide some insight about the two basic pectoral implant styles offers through Implantech. The Powerflex 1 pectoral implants is oval shaped and its effect is to accentuate the lower border of the pectoralis muscle and create a more rounded form to it. It provides no superomedial augmentation effect in most cases nor is it designed to do so. It is called the ‘anatomic’ pectoral implant because this is how most natural shaped male chests look.(non-body builders) as the bulk of pectoral muscle mass is in the lower two0-thirds of the muscle. The Powerflex 2 pectoral implant is rectangular-shaped with the specific intent of creating a more boxy-shape to the chest which includes, by definition, superomedial augmentation. It design allows the implants to be brought closer together and create some male ‘cleavage’. While this is not a natural or anatomic look, it is the desired chest look of many fitness and bodybuilders and is clearly the type of chest augmentation effect you are demonstrating in your male model pictures. How effective this design is in creating thirds desired look is also influenced by the dimensions of the implant as it requires a tight fit to see the full effect of the implant’s shape.

If you should seek a pectoral implants revision the Powerflex II pectoral implant is clearly the design you should have. What size requires measurements of the pectoral space and muscle borders.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana