Pectoral Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have read through you pectoral implants case studies and wondering what your thoughts are on 230cc implants on a 60kg male with low body fat. I went and saw a surgeon for a consult today. However I am still confused as to which one is best for me. My surgeon did however state that the 190 cc would be too “natural ” for me as I am wanting a slightly aggressive approach to this.  Another thing I noted is that he was adament that he use the square shape implant as opposed to the oval shaped for the look I am after. I always thought that i would be more suited to the oval shape as I don’t wish to look “meaty or body builder like” and enjoy more of a swimmers, athletic style of implant whilst keeping the aggressive approach and creating the bulge you mention on your notes. I have found it difficult to find information on this as I have noticed that most people on the internet and my doctors patients who have had pectorals done are all the complete opposite physique to me and are much older.

A: I will preface my comments by saying that since I don’t know what you look like now or your chest shape goals, all I can do is make some general statements about pectoral implants. There really is vritually no difference in size between 230cc and 190cc pectoral implants. If you don’t go up at least 100cc in implant volume you will see no external differences. You are correct in that there are differences in results between the more square shaped and oval pectoral implants. Given what you may want to achieve it certainly sounds like the oval shape pectoral implant styles would be more appropriate for your aesthetic chest shape goals.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana