Pectoral Implant Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am touching base to let you know your response in dealing with my pectoral implants assisted me being successful in making a date to change my pectoral implants later this year. As you are aware I would like to get this right. However based on what has happened I wanted to run by what is going on. As you know I have had the Powerflex 1 271cc pectoral implants placed in my chest which has a projection of  3cm. What my doctor and I discussed is that we would like to change to the Powerflex 2 style implant in the 293cc volume which is the largest of the 3 sizes in a slightly lower projection of 2.5cm.  However these ones as you are aware are more spread out which will give me a more medial augmentation towards the sternum.

What I was wondering if you could help me with is that I noticed some surgeons place pectoral implants vertically and horizontally. i wanted to know what looks these two options give and the benefits they have. Secondly my concern now is that I am torn between the choice of using the 293 cc with a 2.5cm projecion or going lower at 203cc volume with a projection of 2.1cm.  I do trust my doctor but I don’t feel he has come across a patient like me. My aesthetic goals are to have a noticeable pectoral muscle but with more of a definition of muscle rather than a “busty” “booby”  body builder look. I  don’t wish to become a bodybuilder. I actually like being a slim and toned male but with muscles similar to when someone shreds or reduces their body fat . 

In saying that I might add that I personally find the Powerflex 2 style pectoral implants to look more natural over the anatomical ones. I don’t know if I’m saying that due to my ones being on the larger size but another key point in my current implant is that my implants don’t softely taper off into my real chest like a natural pec muscle would. That is why I am stuck between these two sizes as I want bulk in the lower area of the pectoral muscle and on the top area I would like the implants to taper off into my normal chest area without looking like two big solid implants glued to my chest.

A: Since you are having the original surgeon do your pectoral implant revision, then these are discussions you need to have with him/her. That is your responsibility as well as that of surgeon. Asking other surgeons to try and guide you as to the proper implant selection is both unfair to whom you ask as well as to yourself. Only your surgeon knows what you look like and has a vested interest in your outcome. You either trust your surgeon or you don’t. If you don’t then find another surgeon that you do. Standard pectoral implants come in certain sizes and the results they create are limited and do not work ideally for everyone. When one is seeking very specific results after a first set of pectoral implants have been placed, one should strongly consider having custom pectoral implants made. This will remove all doubt about size and shape concerns.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana