Patriot Plastic Surgery Program in Indianapolis

Q: I am currently a nurse in the US Marines stationed in Afghanistan and will be visiting home for a month in September later this year. I’m interested in breast augmentation surgery and have thought having this done for some time. Do I get a discount because of the Patriot Program? I am also interested in having a Skype consultation which would be  great for me given the distance. That way I could get everything arranged so when I return I can have my surgery within a day or two after my arrival.

A: The Patriot Plastic Surgery program has had a good response since we have offered it over the past year. I have gotten numerous inquiries from around the world, particularly from overseas in Europe and Afghanistan. I am happy to offer what we can to a very deserving group of men and women who are doing far more for our country that I ever could.

Because of the age group (ages 18 to 35) that make up a significant percent of the military, most requests have been for body procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction and face procedures such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and chin augmentation.

Many of these military patients come in for surgery during their leave back to the United States or from where they are stationed here in the United States. The use of Skype as a free internet method of discussions and consultations makes the consideration and coordination of surgery possible from afar. By using the video feature of Skype, one can have a good conversation about potential surgery almost as if one was in the office. I often review pictures that are sent to me before these Skype discussions to help focus the conversation. Patients can then have surgery arranged and come in and see me the day before for a real hands-on evaluation and final discussion prior to surgery the next day.  

Dr. Barry Eppley