Paranasal-Maxillary Implants and Cheekbone Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about paranasal-maxillary implants. 

1. Will the pyriform-paranasal implant offset the shadow created by my large (also high) cheekbones? My ultimate goal is to reduce the shadows on my face to a certain extent, if it can not be completely eliminate. During our consultation, I mentioned that I would like to have the ePTFE block carved into a shape not just cover the pyriform-paranasal area, but also slightly extend to the area that is around the bridge of my nose (not quite the whole cheek area but just a slight and natural extension). 

2. If I decide not to get cheekbone reduction during the same surgery, can I still get it done after I am fully recovered from my pyriform-paranasal implant surgery? My main concern is the order of the surgery. I am fully aware of the risk of potential cheek sagging but wonder if getting pyriform-paranasal implant would have any negative impact on potentially getting further cheekbone reduction in the future?

3. If I decide to have the cheekbone reduction surgery at the same time, I wonder if you could share any before & after photos of patients who had done the same surgery with you? Do I need to speak with your patient concierge assistant to update the surgeries details and get an update quote? Or another virtual consultation needs to be done before that?

Thank you very much for your time in advance,

A: In newer to your paranasal-maxillary implants questions:

1) The paranasal-maxillary implant can be extended higher up along the pyriform aperture more towards the nose. That is one advantage of either preoperative custom designs or hand making the implants during surgery.

3) Having implants in does not preclude having a cheekbone reduction procedure later.

4) I will have my assistantpass along the updated quote.I have all the information I need to do so.. To respect patient confidentiality patient pictures are not passed out.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana