Orbital Rim Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to get orbital rim implants to correct my negative vector (it bothers me a lot), and being that it’s an obscure procedure (I’ve only found you and one other doctor that performs it), my biggest concern is the implants’ safety, considering their proximity to the eyeball, and chance of migration. I also wanted to correct a nasal tip deformity that happened as a result of an initial rhinoplasty five years ago. Thank you, Doctor.

A: Orbital rim implants are one of the most uncommon facial implants as there are no preformed implants for this facial skeletal area. The best way to create orbital rim implants is to have them made in a custom fashion for each patient off of a 3D CT scan. That way they will fit the bone precisely which, when combined with microscrew fixation, assures their long-term stability. These implants are very safe and pose no threat to the eye when out in by a surgeon skilled in working in this area. Orbital rim implants are very effective at achieving exactly your concern…eliminating tear troughs and a negative orbital vector.

As for your nose, what I see is an entire deviated nasal axis to the right and tip cartilages that deviate to the left. The deviation appears to not be just restricted to the tip of the nose.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana