Orbital Rim Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, ill the orbital rim implants push my lower eyelid upwards creating a more narrow eye shape? And do you think it is necessary to get a canthopexy along with the orbital rim implant to create a more aesthetic/narrow eye shape? Thanks.

A: As a general rule you should not expect orbital rim implants to push the lower eyelid lash line margin upward. I wish it was that simple or that effect could be created. That is a very hard anatomic maneuver to achieve and it requires more than just a ‘push from below’. That is not to say that orbital rim implants or even fat grafting to the lower eyelids does not create a little bit of an upward push but never to the extent that most patients want it to be.

It would have it be combined with a lateral canthopexy or a lateral canthoplasty to have any chance of achieving a lid lifting/more narrow eye shape effect. Even with these two maneuvers combined, however, it can not be assured that the desired more narrow eye shape will be achieved. Such an eye shape change is just not that simple to create and be sustained.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana