Options for Lengthening the Short Midface?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My short midface questions are:

1. I feel that that my horizontal proportions of my face is a weak point. Hence I feel that my mid face between the subnasal area and the glabella region is too short. Hence I was wondering if there was any way of lengthening the mid face region. I am wondering if there is any type of brow lift that will be able to lift the eyebrows as well as the glabella region to increase the length of the middle third of the face. 

2. I was also wondering about how much vertical height chin reduction can be obtained through the chin reduction procedure.

3. I also had the query of procedures that lengthens the forehead and also the maximum possible increase in length of the forehead. To give the appearance of an increased forehead length couldn’t one just wax the present hairline and part of the frontal hairs to vertically lift the hairline up?

4. Are there any loans etc that are available to cover the costs of certain procedures?

A: In answer to your short midface questions:

1) There is no procedure that actually lengthens the midface. Procedures such as a subnasal lip lift and certain rhinoplasties may create the illusion of some midface increased shortness but not increased length..

2) Depending upon the tooth roots locations a 6 to 8mms vertical chin length reduction is possible by an intraoral wedge osteotomy.

3) The only way to lengthen a forehead is to wax the frontal hairline as you have mentioned.

4) Care Credit is the most source of cosmetic surgery financing in the U.S.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana