Nostril Lowering

Q: Dr. Eppley,I was wondering whether you agree with my assessment that my philtrum (distance between bottom of nose and upper lip) is a bit too long for the best aesthetic outcome? I’ve been thinking about this because I feel like it throws off my facial proportions a bit. The thing is I don’t feel like a lip lift would suit me because it would make my lips look very downswung, as if they are frowning, and would create a very feminine Cupid’s bow appearance. I was thinking about mabye moving the entire base of the nose (including the nostrils) downwards one or two millimetres to make up for it that way? My nose is quite short and I think it would benefit my overall proportions to have this done. I’m not sure how possible it is though? Im sure it’s very rare but I doubt if it is impossible to do with a satisfying aesthetic outcome?

A:I would not disagree with your assessment of a long upper lip. It is possible, and I have done so, to bring the nostrils down a few millimeters. Otherwise known as nostril lowering. It is an infrequently requested and done procedure but that does not mean it can not be satisfactorily done.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana