Nose Straightening

Q: Dr. Eppley, after a previous rhinoplasty procedure, all is well except that my nose leans to one side. If I apply pressure, my nose will be perfectly straight for a few seconds. I wonder if there’s some brace I can wear at night or internal splint or other option just for a slight straightening. Thanks.

A: Cartilage has memory so if that memory and position of the nasal structures did not get changed during the original rhinoplasty you can not manipulate it externally after surgery to do so. Nose cartilage is not like orthodontics where you can work out its memory. No internal or external device/splint will do so. Only a secondary or revisional rhinoplasty will work to actually changing the shape and position of the involved cartilages.

While there are devices out there that promote non-surgical rhinoplasties, they do not really work. They fall under the category of ‘hope lives eternal as for a few dollars many encouraged use them and see what happens. You may fall into that same category as well as there is no harm in using these nasal clip devices.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana