Necklift for Neck Wrinkle Removal/Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve been having trouble finding an affordable solution to my neck wrinkles on the East Coast. I’m beginning to think it might be more cost effective to have the procedure done in Indiana even with the extra travel expenses. 

One plastic surgeon I consulted recommended a rotational neck lift with incisions around the ear lobes and In the IPI crease behind the ears. The scars are hidden behind the cartilage of the ear and beneath the earlobes. It sounds as though the scars may be less noticeable with the rotational neck lift than a short-scar facelift. Is the rotational neck lift a procedure that you perform? 

A: A rotational neck lift is just another name for a variation of a  shortscar lower facelift. Either way I can see that a possible effective short or long term solution for neck wrinkles. It would depend on the location and depth of the neck wrinkles as well as your interpretation of how much improvement is needed. One also has to be careful about the scars around the ears to perform the procedure and ‘trading off one aesthetic problem to treat another’.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana