Nasal Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have heard that chin implants cause bone resorption.  If this is true do they cause resorption under silicone nasal implants too?  My nasal implant only extends to the dorsum.  Also, how does one know if nasal implants cause scar tissue in the nose bridge?  Thanks. 

A: Silicone nasal implants do not cause bone or cartilage resorption of the underlying nasal structures. Chin implants settle into the chin bone because of the pressure and contraction of the overlying mentalis muscle. This is not active inflammatory resorption but simple passive settling of the implant a millimeter or two into the bone for a pressure release. It is a self-limiting problem whose concerns about it are way overblown. A nasal implant is placed under the skin and is not exposed to the same pressure phenomenon. In nasal implants the potential is not for bone or cartilage resorption but thinning of the skin over if they are big enough.

All implants placed in the body form scar tissue around them or become encapsulated. This is normal and occurs no matter where or what type of implant is placed, including nasal implants. This is a normal bodily response to an alloplastic (synthetic) material)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana