My Jaw Reduction Is Uneven – How Can It Be Fixed?

Q : Hi, I read online that other girls have the same problem as me. I had a jaw reduction and the doctor shaved too much bone and side of the jaw, is uneven to the other side. You gave advice to them to have jaw implant. My question is that since the jaw is now uneven, how can you make it even by putting jaw implant? Will the implant be different since it is not the same? How much does it cost for chin augmentation? Not the implant but the moving if the chin. Thank you. 

A: It sounds like you had a jaw angle reduction. Often times, too much bone is removed and the sides are uneven as more bone is taken from one side than the other. The only way to improve that problem is to replace the lost bone with an implant. The size and shape of the jaw angle implant is taken from tracings off of a panorex x-ray as both implants can not obviously be the same when asymmetry is involved.

Jaw angle reduction must be carefully done as it is easy to remove a large bone segment from this intersection of the posterior and inferior border of the jaw. This not only makes the jaw angle blunt but can make one look more aged as well.

A chin osteotomy is done much less frequently than an implant for chin augmentation. But in the right patient, it can offer some different dimensional changes that may be more ideal for facial balance. (e.g., chin lengthening) The average cost for a chin osteotomy is around $6500 when done as a one hour outpatient procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana