Mouth Widening Surgery Questions

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in mouth widening surgery. My questions are:

•Once the procedure is done, how long after it do the stitches come off? I can manage a 2 week trip at most to the US.

•Should any infection or complications arise when i head back home what could be my options?

•What would the expected cost of the procedure be?

•I know there will be scarring. Could the scarring be reduced or removed with laser treatment?

•Will this impact the ability to use my lips normally? Such as drooling or leaking of any liquid items such as water from the sides where the lip is widened? 

•Will you also be making incisions to bring my lips forward as well to make them look fuller or is this a separate procedure? 

A: In answer to your mouth widening surgery questions:

1) For all of my international patients dissolvable sutures are used so they may return home shortly after the procedure. When permanent sututes are used that have to be removed that is done on day 7 after the surgery.

2) This is not a procedure where infection is likely to occur so that is not a complication of concern. The only issue with this procedure is how well do the scars do and that is a an issue not be judged for months later.

3) My assistant Camille will pass along the cost of the procedure to you later this week.

4) If scars turn out to be an adverse issue that is best treated by scar revision not laser treatments.

5) Mouth widening does not cause any functional effects as you have described.

6) Mouth widening moves the corners of the lips outward but does not make the lips fuller….unless something is done separately to do so. (e,g., fat grafting)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana