Mommy Makeover

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am wanting to do a Mommy Makeover.  I would like to do the procedure the week of March 12th because my daughter will be home from grad school and will be able to help me.  I am very serious about making this happen then because I have a lot of important events happening in my life this year and I want to look my best.  I have the money so no financing will be needed.   Please let me know as soon as possible what you have available for I am researching others.  I would like to do the (gummy bear) implants and because of the size of my breast I am sure a re-positioning of my nipples will need to be done.  As far as a tummy tuck I would love to have the least invasive procedure, however if that is not possible, I want the one that is recommended best for me.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. In looking at them I can give you some specific insights and recommendations about the breast and abdominal procedures that you really need.

From a breast standpoint, you have significant breast ptosis (sagging) where the nipple sits below the lower breast fold. Your entire breast mound, including the nipple, needs to be repositioned back up on your chest wall. This is going to require a full breast lift with the resultant anchor pattern scars. You also have some significant breast tissue so, unless you are only looking for a very small breast implant to just create some greater upper pole fullness, you can not have implants placed at the asme time as the lift. A big breast lift with larger implants is a recipe for complications as a combined procedure. I do not know what you breast size goal is so this is an issue yet be be determined. (staged or immediate breast implant)

From an abdominal standpoint, you are in need of a full tummy tuck combined with flank/waistline liposuction. With your anatomy there are no effective less invasive procedures. You simply has too much fat and skin for anything less to make for a satisfying result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana