Mentalis Muscle Strain

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have the problem of mentalis muscle strain and distortion after a sliding genioplasty advancement. I want to improve it by the mentalis resuspension method but only by an intraoral incision. Because I did the sliding genioplasty surgery my mentalis muscle is strained and looks distorted when I close my mouth or pout my lips and also there is too much ower teeth show. My doctor who performed my surgery will improve my mentalis muscle strain by cutting some muscle at my chin. And then he said that the mentalis muscle resuspension is not suitable for me. Is that true?? When I rest my mouth it’s normal and my lower teeth show but but when I try to close or pout my lips my mentalis muscle strain appears and my chin looks distorted. Which method is suitable for me? Should I allow him cut my muscle?

A; It is correct that a mentalis muscle suspension procedure is not what you need to improve your mentalis muscle strain. Rather you would likely benefit from a mentalis rmuscle elease and dermal-fat grafting procedure to prevent recurrent muscle contarcture.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana