Medpor Cheek Implant Pain

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have asked you questions before and I read your boards here and you seem very knowledgable in implants. I had a right cheek implant replaced from silicone to Medpor two weeks ago. Have Medpor in the left side as well. My Dr is well known and well versed in implants but not a good communicator and I really don’t want surgery with him again. My question is about pain. I have some swelling but not significant and some redness but not much, no fever and no heat at the site. However, I have a significant amount of pain. I will do an MRI to look for possible low grade infection. I think this is unlikely but possible. My question is, could things down the road be okay possibly? I mean, could things settle down and this pain be from swelling and tissue/nerve disruption of the infraorbital nerve? It is placed mid cheek (slightly higher) It is very bothersome (obviously). I don’t want to remove it, but also could not live like this the rest of my life either…Thank you for your input.

A: I think the fundamental question you are asking is whether the cheek implant is impinging on the infraorbital nerve…as this would be the only reason to have more than the typical pain associated with cheek augmentation which usually is not very significant. The best way to check cheek implant positioning, or any facial implant positioning, is to get a 3D CT scan. That will answer that question.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana