Maxillary Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, Will inserting maxillary implants on the maxilla (the entire maxilla, including the bits around the nose and up to the under eye sockets) be an effective solution to get rid of mild nasolabial folds? My folds are very present at even the slightest facial expression and the smile lines stay for a while after the expression. And if I look really closely I can see the smile lines even if I haven’t made an expression for a while. (so they will only get worse as I get older, I’m currently 22)

The actual smile lines at rest bother me more so than the folds during expression, as I can stop expressing if I really want to. Or is there another more effective procedures to get rid of these bothersome facial lines?

A: In short, I am not aware that underlying bone augmentation significantly impacts the depth of nasolabial folds at rest or prevents their occurrence with smiling. Maxillary implants are designed to augment the bone not to address the outer soft tissues.

Furthermore your concerns about the smile lines will be a lifelong one as there is no real solution to these superficial skin wrinkles. They are a normal and natural part of the sequelae of facial expression, a critical element in human interaction and communication.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana