Male Temporal Artery Ligations

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in temporal artery ligations. I’ve found you while searching for a problem I have which is swollen superficial temporal arteries. I believe weight lifting caused this.

So it is possible to remove these arteries or at least the offending parts? If so, can weight lifting be resumed?

If I don’t have a procedure done, will further weight lifting make the already swollen arteries even worse or branch out?

A: While prominent temporal arteries typically develops almost exclusively in males, weight lifting or any type of physical activity would not be the cause of it. Such activity certainly aggravates it but is not the cause of it.

The treatment of prominent temporal arteries is done by an approach known as multi-level temporal artery ligations from the bottom of the superficial temporal artery by the ear up to the top of the forehead. With this approach I have not seen recurrences. It s possible that some ‘new vessels may appear afterwards if undetected feeder vessels are not seen and treated during the initial procedure. Weight lifting can be resumed after the procedure.

No one can say whether the prominence of your temporal arteries will become worse if they are not treated.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana