Male Model Brow Look

Q: Dr. Eppley, How can somebody surgically achieve the male model browbone look? When it comes to this type of brow ridge, it seems like it’s not the protrusion but also the low position that gives an aesthetic and masculine “vibe” to the eyebrows. You can see the effect I’m trying to achieve by looking at the photo below 

Is the male model brow look achievable through a specific type of implant? I’ve read online that it’s more because of the rectangular shape of the orbital rim. If that is correct, could the orbital rim be reshaped for that matter, namely for purely aesthetic concerns?

A: You are correct in that lowering of the superior orbital rim is just as important as  any amount of horizontal projection increase to achieve a stronger male model brow look. This can only be done using a custom brow bone implant design made off of the patient’s 3D CT scan and then inserted through an endoscopic approach.

The key dimension in this brow bone implant design is that it must sit as low as possible on the brow bone on the inferior edge. This requires a periosteal/periorbital release across the brow bones similar to that used in an endoscopic browlift.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana