Male Custom Cheek Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I previously had jaw implants placed by you and now I’m considering cheek implants.

I am trying to achieve something similar to that model look where the cheeks look sunken in as I have shown here

1. ) I would like to know what (if any) are the benefits of choosing between off the shelf implants vs custom made from a CT scan ? I know with jaw implants you get the full wrap around effect without the breakage, but I don’t really see a benefit like that for cheek implants unless you know something I don’t?

2. ) How do you decide if someone is a good candidate for these?

3. ) What would you say are the best alternatives to cheek implants for males who want to achieve that hollow model look?

4. ) What are the risks one should consider ( other than asymmetry and infection ) ?

5. ) What are some of the most common complications or complaints that people have after getting these? 

6. ) Are there any long term issues to consider?

7. ) Will they make my smile look weird or anything look unnatural around the eyes if I have very low body fat?

Thank you, looking forward to another potential procedure

A: Good to hear from you again. In answer to your cheek augmentation questions I can provide the following answers:

1) The first thing you have to realize is that ideal cheek augmentation result may not be absolutely possible given that it is a professional picture that has undergone some image manipulation. (lighting etc) But that issue aside,  it is absolutely clear that such a result is never going to come from any standard cheek implant. Standard implants are not made to create that look and don’t have the proper design to do so. Only a custom cheek implant, like the imaged attached, can come close to such a cheek augmentation result.

2) The risks of such implants are like the ones you known and have already been through with your custom jawline implant. The good news is that those risks, and the recovery to o so, are not of magnitude of the bigger total jawline implant.

3) Whether it is a standard or custom cheek implant, neither affects ones smile or facial expressions once the swelling has subsided.

4) I will have my assistant Camille pass along the cost of custom cheek implant surgery to you on Monday.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana