Male Cheek Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in male cheek augmentation. I had all but decided against cheek implants as they often look like this.  He looks much more feminine after. However I just happened upon this result of yours from earlier this year which is making me reconsider.  I would love to have a brief conversation with you about 

1) Pros and cons of filler vs implants.  Is a result like this possible with filler?

2) What makes your result so much better than the result from other doctors?

3) Now that you have my CT do you think I might be able to achieve a result anything like this?

A:In answer to your male cheek augmentation questions:

1) All standard cheek implants are really designed for women. So when put in most males they are going to feminize the face by creating fullness in the apple cheek area…which is not what most men want to achieve in my experience, particularly young men. (and actually most younger women today don’t want that look either) What men who consider cheek augmentation are seeking is a high angular look that sweeps back across the zygomatic arch. Standard cheek implants can not create the effect.

2) As a result, most cheek augmentations I do use either a custom implant approach or a special design method. (use another patient’s custom cheek implant designs)

3) Fillers can not usually create the sane effect as implants. But when in doubt there is no harm in doing fillers first as a trial which can give a hint of the effect and, if disliked, will be resorbed with time.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana