Macrotia Reduction Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m looking for a surgeon with experience in macrotia reduction and came across your website online. Both of my ears are large in height. I believe I need a helix creation and scapha reduction.. Attached are some pics. If you could give me an idea of how these procedures can be done and if you have any helix pictures you’ve done that would be great. Or any pics of people similar to my case that you have shortened. Do you think I need a helix created or is a scapha reduction enough to achieve results?

A: Macrotia reduction surgery is generally done by removing a portion of the scapha and then back cutting across the helix lower on the ear. Most of the scar is hidden inside the helical rim and the only portion ever seen is where it crosses the helix usually about in the middle of the ear. Your ears are a bit of a challenge for this procedure because you do not have a distinct helical rim (the inside of the rim is exposed) where such a scar line could be easily hidden. This is somewhat concerning for macrotia reduction surgery.

Creating a more prominent helical rim requires rib cartilage grafts to do so and I do not think that effort would be worth it unless you are very highly motivated to do so.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana