Lump after Undereye Fat Injections

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had fat injection at lower eyelid three months ago. Now there is lump under one of my eyes. When I touch it I feel something under my skin which is almost lying on my lower eye orbit but I can almost move it a bit up and down with my finger under my skin and it is also almost firm  (not feeling soft like an ordinary fat texture)  I am wondering what is that.

Is that living fat or a  fat necrosis. It is not stuck to my skin, its feeling apart from the skin and my skin is normal. If I use corticosteroid ointment or nitroglycerin ointment on my lower eyelid is it helpful? If i wait more will it dissapear? Can i ask someone to aspirate this for me with needle or its dangerous?

Is mesotherapy or radiofrequency helpful?Is there any way to get rid of it at this early stage?(three months postop)

Please answer me if you are able to help, its really  urgent for me.

I really hope for your help because my own doctor didn’t help me. He said its not important.and didn’t care. But for me it really matters  🙁

A: It is fair to say if you had undereye fat injections three months ago the lump you are feeling is an injected fat lump…which is not uncommon around the lower eye. No topical cream will cause it to go away. Such fat lumps are very unresponsive to injection therapy.  The only assured method of removal is surgical excision through a transpalpebral lower eyelid incision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana