Losing Weight and Body Contouring After The Holidays

This upcoming Thanksgiving will be the unofficial kickoff to holiday indulgence and overeating. Each holiday season, through the New Year, many of us excuse the mountains of calories consumed as just part of the festivities. Admittedly it is difficult to resist so many of our favorite foods when they are strewn around and we have a lot of time off from work. And eating is an activity that definitely helps fill that void of time.

Most people gain weight during the holidays and this accounts for many hopeful New Year’s resolutions to eliminate those extra pounds. But most weight loss resolutions don’t last…and many never really get even started.

One body contouring and weight loss approach that has been having a lot success is Zerona. Not to be confused with liposuction, Zerona is a non-surgical treatment. A painless procedure that is done in the office, Zerona exerts its effects through a ‘cold’ laser that passes through the skin and goes after the fat cells.  It makes them leaky which releases the fat which is then absorbed and eliminated naturally.

Zerona is not just a machine, it is a process. Multiple treatment sessions are needed and studies have been shown that it can take off three to five inches in the hips, waist and thigh in three weeks. To help the fat loss, one must increase their water intake and take a twice-daily niacin supplement during the treatment periiod. The program require a commitment and must be done every two to three days to really be effective. Each treatment session takes about an hour and is painless. You literally get up and go afterwards. Daily exercise can increase the final results by aiding in lymphatic clearance and an increased metabolism.

How well does Zerona fat reduction work? There has been a lot of claims of inches lost in the media and internet. Our experience from our first twenty patients treated showed that the average inches lost (from three body area measurements) was 7 inches Over 70% of the patients were extremely satisfied patient and would readily do it again.

Right after the holidays could be a perfect time to get that jumpstart on weight loss and body toning. Many of you will probably implement some sort of a program. Zerona could be that perfect fit into such a program. A total treatment takes just three weeks and provides a safe and no risk method to lose some fat and slim some body areas.. At the least it is a commitment and a jump start to a healthier lifestyle for 2011.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana