Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello, I had a fat transfer (fat grafting) procedure done in years ago where fat was removed by liposuction from my abdomen area and transferred to my buttocks. However, Since the procedure my abdomen area has never been the same. It now have lumpy, unappealing, uneven skin around my abdomen area due to the aggressive liposuction and would like to know what is the best treatment available for me to try and correct this irregularity and if you can help me? I do have pictures I can send to you of what my abdomen area now looks like.

A: Aggressive liposuction on the abdomen is prone to irregularities when the subcutaneous fat layer gets too thin. Trying to get enough fat for adequate volume for buttock augmentation often requires an aggressive liposuction approach.

Contour deformities have been around on the abdomen since liposuction was developed over forty years ago. They have always proven to be a difficult problem that often defies any significant contour improvement. Options includes secondary small cannula liposuction with adhesion releases alone or done in conjunction with fat grafting or some form of  mini tummy tuck for skin tightening. I would need to see pictures of your abdomen to make an assessment and recommendations.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana