Lip Reduction

Dr. Eppley, I’m wondering why “As a single stage procedure you will get closer to the size of the upper lip but not all the way down to match the upper lip size completely.” as mentioned on Real Self.

I have seen your work which is great, and shows drastic results compared to other surgeons and pictures. Could it be that other surgeons are not experienced, or perhaps they don’t remove enough from the lips for drastic results to be seen.

The only major difference has been on people with double lips, but your work shows amazing results on people with normal lips.

A: The lip is comprised of the more visible dry vermilion with the wet vermilion and mucosa making up the invisible part of it. The dry vermilion is not stretchable while the wet vermilion and mucosa are much more elastic. Thus when doing a lip reduction the tissues that needs to be removed is the dry vermilion as it is what is externally seen. Removing any portion of the wet lip tissues will not cause any lip reduction effect to be seen. The dry vermilion, however, will only permit a certain amount to be removed in a single setting without causing a visible distortion to the lip. Knowing how much to remove and here to place the excision closure line is the key to a successful lip reduction result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana