Lip Advancements

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a young female from Montana. I am interested in lip advancements. I just have a few questions about the lip advancement procedure. I have pretty full lips. I have lip implants in currently and I like them. However, I would like my lip size to be a lot bigger. I don’t like fillers at all and, after reviewing what is offered, I am most interested in the vermillion advancement. My questions are:

1) Would this option of lip enhancement be good for a young person who dislikes lip fillers?

2) Can I have a vermillion advancement with Permalip implants in?

3) How big would I be able to make my lips with the vermillion advancement? I would want a big difference.

4) Would I lose any current lip projection (volume forward/pout), after the advancement?

A: In answer to your lip advancement questions:

1) Short of injectable fillers and implants, a surgical lip advancement procedure is the only option for making one’s lips bigger.

2) A vermilion advancement can be done with lip implants in place.

3) As a general rule, lip advancements can increase the vermilion show of the lips by 4 to 5mms on the upper lip and 3 – 4mm on the lower lip. Lip advancement are very powerful procedures for increasing lip vermilion show and their perceived size.

4) Lip advancements will not decrease the forward projection of the lips.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana