Lateral Epicanthoplasty

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m trying to find out more about lateral epicanthoplasty, could you help me find more information about this before I take this procedure?

A:  Unlike the better known medial epicanthoplasty, a lateral epicanthoplasty procedure also exists.The epicanthoplasty procedures can elongate the length of the eyes, increase the eye size, and improve the aesthetic results of double-eyelid surgery. In addition to focusing on the fold at the inner eye (medial epicanthoplasty), the lateral procedure also addresses the outer portion of the eye. Lateral epicanthoplasty is done to lengthen the eye and correct a slant that makes an eye appear droopy or tired. The most common misconception about lateral epicanthoplasty is that it is like its medial cousin when in fact it is not. The medial epicanthoplasty is about correcting the overhanging skin fold. The lateral epicanthoplasty, more accurately called a lateral canthoplasty, changes the position of the corner of the eye and is not an external skin removal procedure. It does require small skin incision to do but its objective is to elevate the outer corner of the eye by tightening the lateral canthal tendon. In short, a lateral epicanthopasty is not a unique procedure but is the well known lateral cantoplasty procedure which has been around for decades. In many cases it is not even a true lateral canthoplasty but is really a lateral canthopexy.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana