Laser Eyelid Lift

Q: Dr. Eppley, is the laser used for eyelid lift? (aka Laser Eyelid Lift) Is this a real procedure?

A: The simple answer to your question is largely no. The concept of a ‘Laser Eyelid Lift’ is one that is more of a marketing concept and not an improved or contemporary blepharoplasty technique. Using lasers in surgery always sounds like it would be better but the reality is often very different. Using lasers to cut skin causes a thermal injury and a much worse potential scar than if ‘cold steel scalpel’ is used. Beside the worse scar outcome it does not make the surgery faster, cause less bruising/swelling nor expedite the recovery in any way. Due to the thermal injury to the skin’s edges they are also associated with an increased risk of after surgery skin edge separation (wound dehiscence) due to a delayed wound healing response. While lasers have a valuable role to play in facial skin resurfacing, they are not a useful technique for any facial surgery in which they are applied to cut the skin. They can be used to cauterize bleeding points and even help cut out fat during a blepharoplasty procedure, but they do not offer any real advantages over the traditional use of needlepoint electrocautery.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana