Large Buttock Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was wondering if I could schedule for a Skype consultation with you for getting large buttock implants? I’m from outside the USoriginally but I’ve had various surgeries in the states. I am after liposuction with buttock augumentation. However, the photos that I have seen online with the 700cc buttock buttock implants do not seem enough for me. I would like large buttock implants that are big and round to match my 2000cc breast implants. My boyfriend has told me you are the best in the business and we were hoping you would help us achieve our look? Also we are interested in multiple surgeries at once. Is this something you would be able to do?

A:When it comes to stock buttock implants, the largest standard sizes that are made are in the 600cc – 700cc range. If that is inadequate then custom large buttock implants can be made for increased dimensions and projection. While any size custom buttock implant can be made we always have to be vigilant to be sure that there is adequate soft tissue to cover them. Unlike breast implants, where just about size can be placed, the buttock soft tissues are not quite as forgiving. Also just like your breast implants, which I am sure you did not start out in your first augmentation with 2000ccs, extremely large buttock implants may require more than one stage to get there to allow the tissues to stretch to accommodate them.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana