Jumping Genioplasty

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a young female with a weak recessed chin which is worsened by a skeletal overbite (by 50%). Jaw surgery is too extreme for me so i was thinking of a genioplasty. My main concerns are further elongating my face. I already have an extremely long face and wish to not further it anymore. Is this possible to do? I also want the indent between my bottom lip and chin to not be as noticable (huge indent because my jaw is pushed back from the overbite) thanks in advance!

A: While it is clear by your description that moving the entire lower jaw forward is the ideal procedure, the only skeletal alternative is that of a sliding genioplasty where only the chin bone is moved. When the sliding genioplasty is moved forward, it can also be shortened by a technique known as a jumping genioplasty. This is where the advanced chin bone is placed where in front of the superior segment. This not only provides maximum horizontal projection but also avoids any vertical lower facial lengthening. (and may even make the face vertically shorter) I would need to see pictures if your face to determine whether this is a good genioplasty option for you.

Be aware that your deep labiomental fold is a result of your bite relationship and will not be improved by any form of chin surgery. Only moving the whole lower jaw forward, where the lower teeth push out the labiomental fold, will make any improvement in that aesthetic issue. The labiomental fold is an anatomic area that lies above the chin and thus is not usually improved by any form of chin augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana