Jawline Surgery

Jawline Surgery GoalsQ: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in jawline surgery. The kind of strong jaw and face I’d like to have is like his model picture that I have attached which shows how her jawline drops and she has very pronounced and positive cheeks which I really like. I want something extremely dramatic, my jawline isn’t anything like the model I showed above. I’m cute, but my face is just so narrow that it takes away from the potential attractiveness that I could have. The debate for me is either a sliding genioplasty and two hardcore flared jaw angle implants OR a custom implant for everything. I hate the side profile view right now, as my nose and philtrum are overprojected and everything else is just weirdly shaped due to my terrible genetic inheritance.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures and providing a detailed description of your jawline surgery goals. While the debate is between a total custom jawline implant or a combined sliding genioplasty with two separate jaw angle implants, for a female and your goals I would choose the latter. The reason is that a total custom jawline implant will make the whole jawline wider from front to back, regardless of the dimensional changes in the profile view of the chin and jaw angles. I don’t think that works well for many female faces. What you want to achieve in the front view is a chin that ends up somewhat more narrow, or at least no wider, as it comes forward, a central jawline that dips in on the way back to the jaw angles and posterior jaw angles that flare out. A sliding genioplasty as it comes forward does make the chin a bit more narrow and it also allows the central jawline to remain narrow. (rather than bow out like a custom jawline implant may create) Your jaw angle dimensional needs is a combination of vertical lengthening and horizontal width for which I already have a variety of jaw angle implant styles to meet those needs.

In the side view you probably needs an 8 to 10mm chin advancement. the jaw angles need a 7mm vertical drop down and a 5 to 7mm width increase.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana