Jawline Enhancement with Chin and Jaw Angle Implants

Q : I have a weak chin that has bothered me my whole life. I am so self-conscious that I turn away so people can not see me in profile. I also think my entire jawline is weak, it overall looks too small for the rest of my face. Can my jawline be improved with different types of implants?

A: Historically, most people think of jaw enhancement as that of the chin only. Chin implants have been around for over fifty years and have evolved today to include a wide variety of different chin styles and sizes. For horizontal jaw shortness, a chin implant can provide a simple, quick and permanent method of significant profile improvement.

Today, jaw enhancement has progressed to consider changes along the entire jawline from back to front. Besides chin implants, the use of implants to accentuate the jaw angle have become popular. Designed to increase the width of the jaw (and some designs will lower the jaw angle as well), they increase bigonial width and create a stronger and more masculine.

Chin implants are most commonly done as a stand alone facial augmentation procedure. Jaw angle implants can also be done by themselves if an adequately projecting chin already exists. For cases of an overall weak lower jaw, the combination of chin and jaw angle implants together can make for a more dramatic change in jawline appearance. This combination (the ‘jawline trifecta’) is increasingly popular for those men who have a congenitally shorter jaw or for those want to make a stronger jawline out of an otherwise normal sized one.  

Dr. Barry Eppley