Jaw Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in jaw augmentation. I want to change my whole jawline to make it like one of the men in my goal photos. Up until this point I was assuming the custom wrap around jawline implants would achieve it, but since I shaved my beard off to see what I had, I am unsure if it will even be enough. Do you think I need any other procedure like lefort, jaw advancement, chin wing etc. Do I have a recessed jaw/chin, or is it just generally underdeveloped? I just don’t know, but I’m willing to get whatever jaw augmentation procedure I need.

I attached the best pictures I could take with my phone, I hope they are good enough. Based on them, can you tell me if any of my goals are possible (and what procedure or combination of procedures I would need). If any of the picture’s quality is good enough, is it possible to have a ‘predict my face’ and get a morph of what is maximally possible with custom implants? I really want to achieve a jawline that of one of my goal pictures.

My ultimate goal is to achieve a front jawline as close to any of those goal pictures as possible. And the side profile to have as much of an L shape as possible (male model look). Currently whenever I am in public I push my jaw out as much as possible and also bite my teeth to flex the jaw, it is a small improvement but is too much effort for me to maintain all day (not to mention I shouldn’t have to resort to that just to look less ‘bad’)

Note: I also plan on having other procedures done (rhinoplasty), but right now I am most concerned about jaw augmentation, as I think that will have the biggest impact, and then get the other procedures.

A: Your pictures do not show an abnormal lower jaw that is significantly underdeveloped or would be in need of major orthognathic surgery. To achieve your aesthetic goals you need jaw augmentation by any of the conventional implant methods. There is nothing more powerful and than a custom jawline implant and that would be the ideal approach for you. But the more economic approach to a more complete jaw augmentation is that of a square chin and jaw angle implants. This could also be effective for you since your jaw shape is not overlying deficient and enhancements at the chin and jaw angle areas would go a long way towards a more defined jawline.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana