Jaw Angle Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a general question regarding jaw angle implants. I’m currently trying to decide whether to choose silicone or medpor material for jaw angle implants augmentation. I’m trying to create sharp, square, chiseled angularity more than just adding width. I’m getting differing opinions whether silicone is able to do this as effectively as Medpor. I’d really like to go with silicone (particularly a custom silicone implant) due to ease of removal and no tissue ingrowth, but I’m worried the result would be less angular and more soft, such as in the photo I’ve attached (notice how it’s more of a U shape than a sharp V). I’ve read some claims that because Medpor is a harder, firmer material, it creates much better angularity for those seeking a sharper jawline. Basically my question is, if I were to opt for a custom silicone jaw implant, would it able to create just as sharp jawline edges as Medpor material would, or will silicone always looks a little softer? 

A: The answer to your question about jaw angle implants is two-fold. First, regardless of implant shape, not every patient has a good chance of developing a sharp angular jawline. The only patients who will do so are those with thinner lean faces with little fat. Men that have fuller and rounder faces with more fat will fail to develop much definition. (as illustrated in the example you have shown) Thus one’s own tissues must be taken into consideration. Second, your selection of a silicone material for jaw angle implants would be best in my experience for the reasons you have mentioned. But the only assured way to get the most angular result is to have the implants custom made. Otherwise you take your chances with performed  jaw angle shapes and sizes. As an aside the slightly firmer feel of Medpor does not give it increased angularity. It is the implant’s shape that determines the external change not the implant’s material composition.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana