Jaw Angle Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am considering Jaw angle implants and have a few questions for you. I previously had upper jaw surgery, orbital rim and chin implants done. I feel that my jaw needs augmentation to fit in with the rest of my face, I am struggling to find a surgeon with great knowledge in jaw angle implants and am considering traveling abroad for surgery. If I were to fly to you for surgery how long would I have to stay in the USA before returning home? Also with Jaw implants I hear talking can be a struggle after surgery, how long realistically can I expect this to last? In so far as jaw angle implants type I cannot decide whether I would benefit best from lateral only or both lateral and vertical lengthening? Also the degree of augmentation (small/medium/large). I have attached photos, please can you advise. I am also interested in having the plates from my jaw surgery removed, would this be possible alongside jaw implant surgery?

A: Most patients who come from afar for jaw angle implants surgery return home within a few days after surgery. While patients will experience some difficulty with chewing in the first few weeks after surgery I am not aware that patients have any signficant talking problems. You did not really provide enough pictures to make a full analysis of your face as the all important front view is missing. But as best as I can tell from the pictures provided, medium size lateral width only jaw implants would be my initial impression for your facial needs. While plates and screws from prior surgery can be removed during jaw angle implant surgery I would need to see x-rays of their locations to properly find them. As long as not too much bone has overgrown then they can be removed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana