Jaw Angle Implant Revisions

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in jaw angle implant revision. I had Medpor RZ jaw angle implants placed around 1 year ago. They are size large. Overall I think they are a bit too big, and should be replaced with a size medium of the same material of silicone. What do you think? Do you do remove the existing implant or do you carve the existing implant a little? 

A: The problem with your jaw angle implants is not that they are too big but rather the style you have chosen has added too much vertical length. (that is what the Medpor RZ jaw angle implants do…adds primarily vertical length…and if they are not placed as they are designed they will give too much jaw angle width as well) Your jaw angles have been dropped too low which makes your face look heavy.  I think this is an implant stye issue. It would be best to remove and replace them with a different style/size jaw angle implant for your jaw angle implant revisions. It is very difficult to get Medpor implants out as a single piece in may cases. Thus it would be better to have new jaw angle implants placed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana