Jaw Angle Implant Replacements

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had mandibular body implants, placed bilaterally without complication, around 20 years ago. The projection of my chin was also reduced at that same time. There  were no screws, the mandibular body implants were the largest size available. 

At  that time it was very uncommon to lower the mandibular jaw angle , so I only enhanced the mandibular body without  lowering  the height of the jaw angle. I am interested in utilizing the better technology which exists today, in order to  possibly replace the jaw implants.  

I’d hope to focus specifically on lowering the mandibular angle, and give the jaw angle a more defined  square jaw appearanc , instead of the high angle tapered appearance . 

I’m sending some pictures in the hopes that you might be able to tell me if the  current results can potentially be safely improved on.  My impression is that the left jaw has always been comparably weaker.

I should add that I had a neck lift and fillers over the past several years, also without any complications.

Thank you in advance for any opinions you may have. 

A: I would need to see a 3D CT scan of the current position of your long-standing jaw angle implants. In the face of well encapsulated implants I would be cautious about trying to open the capsule and drop the implant borders down with a vertically lengthening implant. That is not a complication free procedure which can result in masseteric muscle dehiscence with indwelling jaw angle implants. But seeing the scan would help me determine as to the advisability of this procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana