Is This Normal For My Facelift Recovery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a SMAS facelift two weeks ago. I have swelling and numbness alongside stitches and jawline. Although the swelling is even on both sides the swelling feels dense, thick and kind of hardish. Is this normal? Also, I have these slight dents under my cheek bones that I believe is caused by where majority of swelling begins. Is this normal? I have good things to report about my recovery, bruising is gone, symmetry is good,  no pain and it looks like I am going to get the result I am after.

A:  Recovery from a facelift procedure is rarely as fast as any patient would like. The skin will be numb for weeks to months where the skin flaps were raised and along the suture lines. The swelling will go away much quicker but it is perfectly normal for the face to feel firm and still a bit swollen at just two weeks after surgery. Expect all swelling to be gone by six weeks after surgery. Some of the facial features that are outside the zone of the facelift, such as the cheeks, may appear different because of the swelling around it. Your facelift recovery sounds perfectly normal and you appear to even be a bit ahead of schedule for what many patients experience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana